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By easily exploring this menu, users can gain an understanding of the various database templates available on ActivityInfo. This helps you confidently choose the template that best fits your specific needs, without feeling overwhelmed by excessive details as you explore the templates' contexts on ActivityInfo.

Template Name
Data collection
User Roles and Permissions 
Who's doing what where (3W) Database Template
Identify actors responding to a humanitarian situation, their sectors, and locations. Supports response coordination, partnership identification, progress assessment, and identifying response overlaps or gaps.
Use the simple form to report projects, including organization, sector, location, and donor references.
Customize reference data, including Organizations, Donors, Sectors, and Administrative Levels. Administrators can modify fields in the "Projects" form, tailoring it to specific needs.
Assign roles such as Administrator, Reporting Partner, or View Only to control access and editing rights.
Multi-Partner Reporting Template
Easily track the progress of programmes involving multiple independent organizations with common goals, e.g. CSOs. Monitor and evaluate (M&E) the overall programme performance.
 Collect regular reports and survey responses from participating Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) using desktop or mobile devices.
Customize reference data and forms to match your specific national programme requirements. Add or modify fields as needed for data collection.
Assign roles to team members from partner organizations. Manage access and control permissions for data security.
Indicators Tracking with Global M&E Template
Track key indicators for multiple projects efficiently. Use the Projects form to manage project data, logical frameworks, and monthly indicator updates.
Add and manage project records, logical frameworks, and indicator information through the Projects form. Use Subforms to collect additional project information, such as log frames, monthly reports, and monitoring visit details.
Customize reference data, including Country, Partner, and Strategic indicators. Modify the Projects form to fit your specific needs.
Invite team members and assign roles: Administrator, M&E Specialist, or Data Entry—control access to database functions.
Damage Report Management Template
Efficiently collect data on damages from the public during disasters. Prioritize responses with a Reviewer's section for disaster management teams.
Leverage crowdsourcing to obtain real-time data from the affected population. Share the survey through collection links on social media and dissemination channels.
Reviewers can fill in the Reviewer's section for each report to prioritize response actions. Updated records reflect in the Table View.

Customize the damage report form to capture relevant information. Use the "Reviewer only" fields for internal team visibility.
Invite team members with roles: Administrator, Triage Team, or Viewer. Reviewers can view and edit public reports, including "reviewer only" fields.
IDP Site Assessment and Response Template
Manage and monitor interventions for massive IDP displacement. Utilize the database for IDP settlement tracking, assessment schedules, and prioritizing NFI distributions.
Customize the "IDP Site Assessment & Distribution," "Voucher Faire," and "Post-fair Evaluation" forms to meet your requirements. Modify fields through the form settings.
Customize reference data, including Field Offices and Locations, to suit your needs. Rename and edit reference forms as required.
Invite team members and assign roles based on their responsibilities. Roles include Administrator, Country Team, Field Team Leader, and Field Office Staff.
Household Survey Database Template
Conduct efficient household surveys and mobile data collection using ActivityInfo's comprehensive support. Use the single "Survey" form to collect valuable information.
Access the survey on mobile phones or tablets for easy data entry.
Personalize the survey questionnaire to suit your needs.
Invite team members and assign roles with varying permissions. Roles include Administrator, Surveyor, and Analyst, ensuring appropriate data management.
Training Monitoring Database Template
 Effectively manage training data with the Trainings Monitoring Database Template: track training sessions, participant lists, post-training evaluations, and qualitative materials in one place.
Collect all qualitative material related to training. Attach documents and images for easy categorization.
Conduct anonymous post-training evaluations using the "Post Training Evaluation Survey" form. Share the collection link with participants to collect feedback.

Customize reference data forms for Training and Training Institutions to fit your organization's needs. Add, modify, or import data as required.
Assign roles to team members based on their responsibilities. Roles include Administrator, Trainer, and Donor, each with specific permissions.
Rapid Response Mechanism Database Template (English & French)
The purpose of the Rapid Response Mechanism Database Template is to facilitate managing and monitoring a Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) during crises. A Rapid Response Mechanism is a system to quickly assess and address multi-sectoral needs arising from sudden crises such as epidemics, natural disasters, and conflicts.

The Database has two reference forms to update Partner Organizations and Sectors. It features four data collection forms for reporting alerts, intervention monitoring, evaluation, and post-intervention follow-up. These forms are interconnected via Key fields (Alert, Intervention, Evaluation, Post-evaluation codes), ensuring seamless linking of data under specific codes.

Customize the data collection forms to suit your requirements.
Customize the reference forms for Partner Organizations and Sectors by adding your data. Modify, delete, or import records as needed.

Assign roles to team members based on their responsibilities. Roles include Administrator, Consultation, Support, and Partenaire/Partner, with specific permissions for each.

Feedback Complaint and Response Mechanism
Effectively collect and respond to people's needs, complaints, and feedback in an organized and structured manner.
Provides customizable forms, reference data, and surveys.
Add and customize your feedback surveys, or use existing surveys.
Invite team members with specific roles and permissions. Three roles are configured: Administrator, Data entry, and read-only. Customize roles to suit your team's needs.
Case Management Database Template for Protection, Child Protection, and GBV Cases
Effectively manage case data for Protection, Child Protection, and Gender-Based Violence cases with the Case Management Database Template. Implement a structured, step-by-step process for needs assessment, service provision, and result monitoring. Case management is a process that involves coordinating the needs assessment, service provision, and monitoring of outcomes for individuals who require support or assistance.
Collects information about case developments and updates, allowing multiple records per case. Subforms will enable the addition of multiple records, such as personal documents.
Customize reference data forms for Supervisors and Position codes to tailor the database to your organization's structure. Add, modify, or import data as required.
Assign specific roles to team members based on their responsibilities. Roles include Administrator, Support, Supervisor, and Caseworker, each with distinct permissions.
Development assistance for projects
Track key outputs, outcomes, and impact indicators, including farm enrolment, beneficiaries, financing access, and government staff training.
Collect data through annual farm surveys to monitor production and sales progress and track retail container sales to assess the project's performance.
Customize the database, forms and fields, and add records to meet your needs.
Assign roles to team members, including Administrator, Reporting Partner, Extension Service Agent, and Field Staff, with specific data access and management permissions.
Intensive, Multi-Team Case Management
Effectively manage intensive, multi-team case management with the Intensive, Multi-Team Case Management database template. This template is designed for wraparound case management, where multiple teams collaborate to support the same group of clients.
Register detailed information about clients, including personal data, demographics, and relevant background information, to create a comprehensive client database.
Customize the database, forms and fields, and add records to meet your needs.
Assign roles to team members, including Administrators, Case Managers, Team Leaders, and Analysts, to ensure appropriate access and responsibilities.