Duplicating a Database

This section describes how to duplicate an existing Database.

You can duplicate a Database to work faster. Instead of designing the same Forms from scratch for a new Database you can simply duplicate the Database that includes these Forms. Another option is to copy a Form by exporting its fields and importing these fields in a new Database.

When duplicating a Database only the Forms structure and the Roles of that Database are duplicated. Thus, Records, Users and their permissions are not duplicated.

How to duplicate a Database

  • Navigate to the Database Settings page of the Database that you wish to duplicate.
  • Make sure that you have selected the whole Database by clicking on "This database".
  • On the side panel, click on "Duplicate database" to duplicate it.


  • Give a name to the new Database that will be based on this duplicate and select the current database as template from the list.
  • "Click on "Add database" to add the new Database.
  • The new Database has been added as a duplicate of the initial Database and you can find it in the Databases list page.