The following section describes the syntax and usage of the MEDIAN function in ActivityInfo.


The MEDIAN function is used to find the median value from a set of values. The function returns the "middle" value from a set a values.


MEDIAN(val1, val2, val3, ...)

Argument Required Description
val1 Yes A numeric value.
val2 Yes Another numeric value.
val3 Yes Another numeric value.
... No Any further numeric values.

If an argument is missing, NA, or non-numeric, it will be excluded from the calculation.


The median value from the set of input arguments.

  • If there are an odd number of values, the function returns the value which separates the lower and higher halves of the input set.
  • If there are an even number of values, the function returns the average of the middle two values in the input set.
By Blythwood - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


We will be using the MEDIAN function to calculate the middle row value from a set of three columns.


We will be using three Quantity fields:

  • "Value 1" (with code "val1")
  • "Value 2" (with code "val2")
  • "Value 3" (with code "val3")