Recover database

Recover a deleted database

Attempts to recover a deleted database. A deleted database can be recovered as long as it has not yet been fully purged. Databases are retained for at least 60 days after being deleted by their owner.




Status Code Error Code Description
200 RECOVERED The database was recovered.
400 NOT_DELETED A database with this id exists, but is not deleted.
400 PURGED A database with this id was deleted, but it has been permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.
401 AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED The request must be authenticated
402 SUSPENDED The requesting user does not have a billing account, or the account is suspended.
403 PERMISSION_DENIED Only the owner of a database at the time it was deleted, can recover the database.
404 NOT_FOUND No record of a database with this id could be found.


curl -X POST \
  -u anything:APITOKEN
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