ActivityInfo brings together the entire humanitarian community in Iraq and in the IDP Crisis

Screenshot of IRAQ 2018 HRP Monitoring Dashboard
Screenshot of IRAQ 2018 HRP Monitoring Dashboard

814 users across 100 organizations cooperate in monitoring data for the Humanitarian Response Plan for 2018 in Iraq using ActivityInfo to report their data. ActivityInfo facilitates the cooperation of a very big number of partners capturing data for the Humanitarian Response Plan in 2018. UNOCHA is leading the HRP. Big organisations and smaller NGOs report for the clusters of Education, Emergency Livelihoods, Health, MPC, RRM, SNFI and WASH.

While ActivityInfo provides simple and easy to set-up dashboards, the extensive API allows advanced users to integrate tools like Power BI to create more sophisticated dashboards which can be shared publicly.

An exceptional example of what can be achieved by integrating externals tools to ActivityInfo using the API is the Iraq 2018 HRP Monitoring Dynamic Dashboard created and shared by UNOCHA on

The Dashboard brings together the data reported by Partners on ActivityInfo. It is updated automatically at midnight, on a daily basis, drawing information from the real-time reports created in ActivityInfo.

The data includes the Partners' presence by Governorate, by District and by Site in 2018, the people reached by Governorate, by District and the Response by Strategic Objective in 2018. It also allows for 3W mapping, and provides graphs that do analysis on PIN, target, response and gaps. Using the report filter options, anybody can create a 3W map for their area of interest or find specific information regarding a Partner, a specific month, a cluster, a strategic objective, a location type or a plan. The data regarding the Response for the clusters of Education, Emergency Livelihoods, Health, MPC, RRM, SNFI and WASH is fully automated. It is updated by the real-time data provided in ActivityInfo.

Sameer Al-Rubaye, Information Management Officer in UNOCHA Iraq comments about the Dashboard and the ActivityInfo API:

“We are using the new Form that gives us a lot of new functions to collect the data from the partners and from the clusters, partners reporting their projects & clusters, reporting their achievements based on the country strategic objectives. Using the ActivityInfo API and the high performance of the ActivityInfo database makes our life easy to connect more than 40 Forms querying and visualizing the data smoothly.”

ActivityInfo is a centralised system where information can be collected, analyzed and presented in real-time. Real-time information sharing saves time for everyone involved in data collection and evaluation and facilitates planning. It allows for timely responses and decision planning on the ground and makes programme evolution easier.

You can take a look at the dynamic Dashboard provided by UNOCHA here:

If you are interested in creating similar Dashboard, stay tuned for the upcoming webinar on the ActivityInfo API and take a look at our article on setting up ActivityInfo and Power BI.