New data entry interface for new forms in ActivityInfo

We have recently made quite a few changes to the ActivityInfo interface, from the new data entry interface for New forms (previously referred to as Beta forms) to being able to choose the data you wish to view and filter on. In this blog post we will explain how the new interface works.

We created the new interface to make data entry easier. Once you have chosen a form you wish to perform entries in, click on the ⊕ New Submission button in the Data Entry tab and a pop up box will appear informing you about the new improved data entry view. Once you click OK, a new tab with the new interface will open in your browser. Existing entries appear in a table in the left pane of the page.

On the right hand side there is a details pane which shows you the current form entry data. Select an entry in the table by clicking on any cell in the row of the entry and the details pane will update with the data for that entry.

At the top of the page there are a number of icons:

New data entry interface
New data entry interface in ActivityInfo.

In the top section above the table there are the following buttons:

If you click on 'New', a pop up window will appear inviting you to enter data. In the example below we have a form with a subform. Once you have clicked on an entry you will be able to see the details and all subform entries will appear in the bottom table.

New data entry interface with a subform entry
New data entry interface with a subform entry shown at the bottom of the screen.

In our form we have a weekly subform with two sets of multiple selection questions, with corresponding quantities activated by certain relevance condition quantities. Once we have filled in the form with data we can then click Save. The pop up will close and we will return to the main data entry page.

Now we can review the data we entered. Maybe we want to see other columns of data in our main table - this is done by clicking on 'Choose columns'. A pop up will appear on the left side of the pane giving you all the fields you can choose from, and on the right hand side are the columns that are currently displayed. It is possible to re-arrange the order of the columns by clicking on the >, <, ^, and v arrows. When you are happy with your selection, click OK. The page will refresh showing only the columns selected.

Choose columns pop up in the new data entry interface
Choose columns pop up in the new data entry interface.

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