Log into ActivityInfo with Humanitarian ID

Today we're excited to announce that ActivityInfo joins a growing number of humanitarian digital platforms to support login with Humanitarian ID, a single-sign on service from UNOCHA.

Humanitarian ID is a contact information management system used by responders during crises or disasters. Being able to use your HID account to log into ActivityInfo not only means that you have one less account to remember, but it also allows you to move seamlessly across OCHA’s range of humanitarian community websites, including ReliefWeb and HumanitarianResponse.info.

If you already have a Humanitarian.ID account, you can log in directly to ActivityInfo by clicking on the "Log in with Humanitarian ID" button from the Login page.

Plus, when you invite new users to access your ActivityInfo databases, they will have the option of connecting directly to ActivityInfo with their existing Humanitarian ID account without having to choose a new password for ActivityInfo.

Learn more about Humanitarian ID on their website.

Want to try out ActivityInfo?

If you sign up to ActivityInfo then you are are automatically using the free plan which is a great way to give the service a try. The free plan includes full access to all features for an unlimited period of time.

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