ActivityInfo 2017 user survey

Why did we make a user survey?

Because we want to make sure we fully meet your needs and desires and that you are enjoying the best user experience possible. We want to pinpoint what motivates you to use ActivityInfo and what is important for you. But without your meaningful opinion and feedback we cannot improve our application and our services to you. This is why we have put together about ten crucial questions that capture your impressions and experience of ActivityInfo.

The questions cover a vast range of aspects such as your very first impression of the software, how well ActivityInfo helps you in your M&E’s activities and how would your dream M&E’s software look like. Our main concern was to make this survey as easy and as fast as possible for you. Therefore, we narrowed our questions to 15 which means it will only take you 5 minutes to take the survey. Moreover, you don’t have to share your personal details to take the survey. You can be completely open with us while remaining completely anonymous.

And don’t forget, by sharing your opinion with us, you are helping us helping you since we will be able to improve our platform and services specifically designed to meet your needs.

In addition, following our desire of transparency, we want to publicly share the survey results. If you wish to receive the survey’s conclusions don’t forget to mention your name and email address in the survey. We are closing the survey on the 28th of February. Therefore, the results will be ready and shared with you in March.

Thank you very much for your time and feedback.

Now it is time for you to speak up your mind! Take the survey here. (This survey is no longer available)