Join us for the upcoming monthly sessions

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month: Question and Answers drop-in session

We would like to hear from you as a user of ActivityInfo during these monthly sessions. The next in this serie of sessions will take place on Tuesday the 17th of March starting at 12h GMT (9h in Buenos Aires, 10h in Rio de Janeiro, 12h in Accra, 13h in Paris, 14h in Goma, 15h in Amman, 18h in Dhaka).

Our consultant Léo Tremblay will be hosting these monthly Q&A sessions where current ActivityInfo users can come and share their stories, ask for clarifications, provide or ask for feedback, request for materials, raise questions, etc. These sessions will be highly informal and an open environment to discuss what you encounter as a user of ActivityInfo.

Besides a Q&A session, there will also be a specific subject highlighted in the first part of the session. Léo will explain more regarding features available in ActivityInfo and make sure you can use them in your work. Feel free to share questions up front, or just join in at the last minute.

The sessions take place every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 12h GMT; the coming sessions will be held on the following dates: March 17th, April 21st, May 19th and June 16th.

It would be great of you to RSVP, sign up, for these sessions. But also feel free to drop in if you decide last minute to join our session. You can directly join the session on the appropriate arranged date and time by clicking on the hyperlinked dates above.

Every 1st Tuesday of the Month: Demonstration + short training for new users/roll outs/consultants

Since we receive so many requests for demonstrations and questions on what ActivityInfo can do and bring to an organisation, we decided to run open demonstrations for new users and organisations. Are you interested in ActivityInfo, is your organisation looking for a M&E tool, are you wondering what ActivityInfo does, what kind of integrations exists, what services BeDataDriven provides, how to work with ActivityInfo being a consultant? Sign up for our monthly demo session for free.

Please use the form to sign up (form link provided below), and you will receive a notification a day before the demonstration taking place. We are looking forward seeing you soon!

The upcoming sessions will take place on March 3rd, April 7th, May 5th, June 2nd.