ActivityInfo 2.6 released!

We're happy to announce the release of ActivityInfo 2.6, which features a new dashboard and improvements to the reporting tools.

Save commonly-used tables, charts, and maps

Is there a pivot table you need every month?

In the "Reports" tab, choose "New Pivot Table" and then define your table as usual. Once you're done, click "Save" and give your table a title. You can now find this report on the main page of the "Reports" tab.

Once your table is saved as a report, you can subscribe to it on a weekly or monthly basis: ActivityInfo will send you an updated version of the table by email on the schedule you choose. Click "Email Options" in the main page of the "Reports" tab.

Personalize your dashboard

You can also pin the tables, charts, and maps you need the most to your personal dashboard. Toggle the 'star' next to the name of the report in the Reports tab. Now you'll see the report each time you open ActivityInfo.

Design complete reports for your program or cluster

We've added a complete report editor so that you can combine tables, charts, and maps together into a single report. Click on new "Custom Report" from the Reports Tab. You'll see a print preview of your report. Click the "Add ..." buttons to add elements to the report. You can always edit them later by double clicking the chart, table, or map.