Release 2.11.889

Released on Aug 22, 2016 and includes the following:

Bugfixing and improvement release - AI-1429 FIXED: User is not able to go to design after linking an indicator - AI-1427 FIXED: Unnecessary validation message is showing when user edit project and tries to add Description/Full Name - AI-1425 FIXED: System does not showing "Partner" options in Print Form screen - AI-1423 FIXED: System accepts space characters when user tries to create "Partner" with same name - AI-1422 Homogenize database lists in Design tab - AI-1352 FIXED: User Permissions cannot be updated when offline mode is enabled, also getting error when trying to import exported data in offline mode - AI-1313 FIXED: Country code field in database schema is always NULL - AI-1157 FIXED: Loading error message is shown when user tries to share empty "Report" - AI-1044 FIXED: Location in "Print User Form" is always based on DRC's administrative levels - AI-925 Change the text "Full Name" to "Description" on Create Project popup - AI-920 Require confirmation before deleting a form