REACH is a leading humanitarian initiative providing granular data, timely information and in-depth analysis from contexts of crisis, disaster and displacement. The work of REACH directly feeds into aid response and decision-making by providing accessible and precise information on the humanitarian situation of crisis-affected populations.

ActivityInfo is being used to monitor the Rapid Response Mechanism in the Central African Republic. Employing the features of ActivityInfo and with a quick training of their users, REACH in CAR decreased the time needed for data entry significantly. The monthly process of data entry turned into a weekly process as its complexity was eliminated. Moreover, accessing the databases even when connectivity is unavailable thanks to the offline mode of ActivityInfo facilitated the activities of REACH in CAR when partners were in the field. The members of the RRM programme include Action against Hunger, Solidarites International, ACTED, Esperance, who together with UNICEF cover many prefectures in CAR setting up an early warning system and sending out humanitarian alerts.