Quality Assurance Engineer

This position has been closed.

We are seeking a Quality Assurance Engineer open to a challenging and varied position with our ActivityInfo team.

ActivityInfo is a data management platform widely used by the United Nations, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies in 50+ countries to monitor humanitarian response, development assistance, and delivery of public services.

The system is user-friendly, but has many complex features that allow users to endlessly customize the system to meet their needs. This makes testing and quality assurance very challenging.

Your focus will be on ensuring that the system operates correctly and reliably, and to do this you will take on a number of responsibilities that span the full life cycle of the system, from design to production. These responsibilities include:

  • Work with the designers, developers, and the product manager to clarify requirements and ensure new features have user acceptance criteria and a test plan from the beginning.
  • Work with developers to provide early feedback on test builds
  • Conduct regular exploratory testing to find problematic edge cases in the live version
  • Test/verify documentation is up to date and correct
  • Supervise automated regression testing to validate releases
  • Manage the weekly release process to ensure bug fixes, improvements, and new features safely reach production.
  • Write automated tests to cover new and existing functionality.
  • Develop creative ways to automate testing for difficult-to-test aspects of the system, such as offline synchronization or version upgrades
  • Work directly with end users to troubleshoot unexpected behavior and coordinate bug fixes.

Some of the qualities you will have are:

  • You love to break things. Exploratory testing is a key element of the role, and you will need to think deviously to find edge cases and anticipate problems early.
  • Good communication skills. You will need to communicate complex problems and solutions within our team and to customers.
  • You are extremely organized and detail oriented.

If you can already write tests in Java/WebDriver, that’s an advantage, otherwise you’ll learn. Experience as using ActivityInfo in the field will be considered another plus.

We will favor candidates who can join us 2-3 days a week in our office in the Hague, but remote candidates with the right profile will be considered. This position will be between 30-40 hours per week, depending on the preferences of the successful candidate.