Helper method to create a list of permissions for a role or grant.


  view = TRUE,
  add_record = FALSE,
  edit_record = FALSE,
  delete_record = FALSE,
  export_records = FALSE,
  lock_records = FALSE,
  add_resource = FALSE,
  edit_resource = FALSE,
  delete_resource = FALSE,
  manage_collection_links = FALSE,
  manage_users = FALSE,
  manage_roles = FALSE,
  manage_reference_data = FALSE,
  audit = FALSE,
  share_reports = FALSE,
  publish_reports = FALSE


viewView the resource, whether a form, folder, or database.
add_recordAdd a record within a form contained by this folder or form
edit_recordEdit a record's values within a form contained by this folder or form.
delete_recordDelete a record within this form.
export_recordsExport Records from a form, folder or database.
lock_recordsAdd, modify, or remove locks on records.
add_resourceCreate a new Resource (Form or Folder)
edit_resourceEdit a Resource's schema, structure, attributes or data.
delete_resourceDelete a Resource (Form or Folder)
manage_collection_linksManage (open/close) collection links for the given form
manage_usersGrant permissions to a user to this database, folder, or form.
manage_rolesAdd, modify and delete roles
manage_reference_dataManage reference data
auditAccess the Audit logs for a database (or a subset)
share_reportsAllow the user to share reports with other roles in the database.
publish_reportsAllows the user to publish reports.


Each argument may either be TRUE or FALSE.

The view, add_record, edit_record, and delete_record permissions may instead be a formula that conditions the permission on the values of the record.